Eco Open Jeunes – Règlement EN

1. Participation to the tournament

1.1. Any entry to the 2nd ‘Eco-Open International Jeunes du LVA’ (30th April and 1st May 2022), organised by ‘le Volant Airois’ (LVA), implies the acceptance of this regulation.

1.2. The tournament, allowed by Badminton French Federation (FFBaD) under n°[…], is open to all players in order of their FFBaD license or in their National Federation, member of Badminton World Federation, at the latest on Thursday, 14 April 2022, date of ranking date for M&Q report and seeding/draws.

1.3. The license check will be done on internet for all players depending on a foreign federation. The copy of the license or a sworn statement can be asked if the check is not possible by LVA.

1.4. All players depending on a foreign federation are submitted to French Federation regulations during the tournament, particularly about age categories, codes of conduct or clothing and advertising.

1.5. The tournament is open to the following junior categories : U11 (born in 2012 and 2013), U12 (born in 2011), U13 (born in 2010), U15 (born in 2008 and 2009), with a possible upgrading within 1 categorie above. U9 players (born in 2014 and after) are allowed, only with approvement of the regional association (or national member association for foreign countries).

1.6. The players contact data (phone / email) or anyone coming to the tournament may be requested by LVA as part of the tournament organisation and can be transmitted to the local or health authorities if this is legally required.

2. Entry to the tournament

2.1. The entry deadline is Sunday, 17 April 2022. Any uncomplete or unpaid registration on time will not be taken into account. No entry can be made by phone or through social networks.

2.2. About the entry, a player may enter to 2 disciplines maximum, choice of combinations. Upgrading and/or mix of age categories is allowed in the age categorie just above.

2.3. To French Federation players, all entries shall be done on Badnet or EBad system with a mandatory online payment during entry. Players may enter to the tournament on, and pay entry fees without bank charges.

2.4. If the entry is made with Badnet system, bank charges are paid by players. Bank charges are due to Badnet directly and are not refundable, even if entry fees are refunded.

2.5. To all players who are not French Federation members, entry form is available on and it shall be sent to Entry fees payment is made on or bank transfer.

2.6. Clubs and players are responsible of their entries. LVA can’t be held responsible in case of incidents connected with errors from clubs or players (missed entries or payment deadline included).

2.7. A men, women or mixed double team is considered entered to the tournament only if the players both are in order of their entry and payment. The entry deadline (and payment) of the last entered double player is take into account.

2.8. The maximum capacity is estimated to 100 players. The complete entries will be held according to the ranking (whenever the entry date), with a priority always given to women in the entries.

Entry fees
per discipline :

12 €
8 €
8 €

3. Draw

3.1. The draw is made on Monday, 18 April 2022. Only entries in order of license and entry fees are taken into account.

3.2. Players without MD/WD/XD partner may be assigned to a partner by the Referee after entry deadline. They are considered as participants to the tournament as soon as a partner is assigned.

3.3. Tournament series are made according to the ranking for every age category. The total of the 2 “CPPH” will be taken into account for a women, men or mixed double team.

3.4. Players without FFBaD license will be subject of the reclassification by FFBaD.

3.5. According to the entries, teams or players will be allocated to 2 divisions : ‘Elite’ or ‘Espoir’. Elite is the higher division. The organisation may combine divisions or categories if necessary.

3.6. Every discipline will start with a qualifying rounds (groups) and then a final phase (knockout). Groups with 2 qualified players/pairs will be preferred.

3.7. A waiting list will be drawn up in every serie. These players are considered as not participants and a written agreement will be asked in case of a drafted player. The draft will be made in respect of French GCR.

3.8. LVA is entitled to award 10 WildCard, at the discretion of the tournament organisation.

3.9. Exceptionnally and on LVA recommendation only, a player may be integrated to a 3rd discipline for the competition benefit. That must respect the GCR (especially about the limit of match per day).

3.10. According to the entries, the tournament organization may propose to the referee any other organisation that allow the players to play the tournament with better conditions (merger…).

4. Cancellation / Withdrawal

4.1. A player may cancel its entry until Thursday, 21 April 2022, only by email to Any justification will be asked, and entry fees will be refunded by Badnet system or bank transfer.

4.2. From Friday, 22 April 2022 onwards, all withdrawal shall be justified. Only justified withdrawal with a medical certificate may claim entry fees back.

4.3. All withdrawals shall be justified by the player by email to as soon as possible and within 5 working days after the tournament. All withdrawals justified too late or unjustified are sanctionable according to French GCR and entry fees are not refundable.

4.4. In case of withdrawal in mixed or doubles, LVA and the Referee will take with the remaining player all the appriopriate actions for substituting according to the GCR. After a time given by the Referee, LVA may propose to another player to be drafted, in respect of the GCR.

5. Tournament notifications

5.1. Tournament will be sent to clubs and players by email on Friday, 22 April 2022. Only emails communicated from Badnet or HelloAsso will be taken into account by LVA.

5.2. Tournament notifications will be published on, on social networks, on Badnet/Ebad clubs/players accounts and on Badnet tournament page.

5.3. First players are expecting at every venue at 8:30 AM and the first match will start at 9:00 AM. The final match on Sunday will start at 5:30 PM maximum.

5.4. All players are expecting at the venue 60 min before their first match, except players of the first round of every day who are expecting 30 min before the first round.

5.5. Draws can be modified until Thursday, 28 April 2022. A second and final notifications version will be published on Friday, 29 April 2022 and will take into account modifications made according to withdrawals and substitutions.

5.6. Clubs and players are responsible for checking their entries and notifications. LVA can’t be hold responsible of the logistics of the players entered to the tournament. Every player shall announce its attendance when arriving at every venue of the competition.

6. Umpiring and Refereeing

6.1. Mr [Prénom NOM] is the tournament Referee. Refereeing decisions are irrevocable.

6.2. Matches will be played in auto-umpiring system, except if an Umpire is assigned by the Referee. Players are responsible of their score in an auto-umpiring match. If needed, the Referee may be called on the court.

6.3. At the end of every match, all scores given manually or electronically to the match control are under responsibility to all players of the match, except if an umpire is assigned on the match.

6.4. An appropriate conduct is required at every moment of the competition (Codes of Conduct). Clothing and advertising are subject to French Federation regulations.

6.5. The Referee is entitled to disqualify any player who doesn’t respect a point of laws of badminton, the French GCR or the tournament regulation.

7. Competition

7.1. A player can’t play more than 8 matches per day.

7.2. Matches are played on the best of 3 games of 21 points, according to Laws of Badminton.

7.3. Doping means and substances are prohibited. Doping products list is made official by the French Ministry of Sports. Any person using products of this list for medical purposes must be able to give a medical prescription to the Referee before the first match.

7.4. The tournament projected schedule is published or Badnet, EBad and at every tournament venue. Hours and order of matches are provided for information. Draws are published at the earliest 2 hours before the first match of the tournament. Draws are provided also for information and may be modified before the start of every phase.

7.5. After the call of the match, players have 3 min to arrive on court and start the match. Shuttle testing for speed shall be made on court and are included in these 3 min. Upon 5 minutes after the call of the match, any player not on the Field of Play can be declared withdrawal by the Referee, without any necessary second call and on any stage of the tournament.

7.6. Referee shall give its approval to any players who wants to leave the venue between 2 matches, subject to be declared withdrawal for the player. The withdrawal is at the discretion of the Referee.

7.7. Every player has a minimum of 20 min for rest time between 2 matches, from the final point played to the first shuttle played in the next match. The Referee may give instructions to prolong this time, according to the circumstances and at its discretion.

7.8. Any shuttle touching the infrastructure of the venue is considered ‘fault’ during service and game.

7.9. U11 matches will be played on adapted courts (posts à 1,40 m and adapted court limits).

8. Shuttles and equipment

8.1. The reference shuttle is Yonex Aerosensa 30, ranked Elite. It must be used in case of litigation and will be on sale at every tournament venue.

8.2. Feather shuttles are provided by the players themselves equally, except for finals of every draw, provided by LVA. Shuttles provided by the players must be allowed by French Federation and ranked standard minimum. List of allowed shuttles : here.

8.3. Every player shall arrive on the Field of Play with feather shuttles in sufficient quantity and all needed equipment for the match. “Hybrid” shuttles are not allowed.

8.4. This equipment of every player shall be in the baskets available on every court. Mobile phones and all electronic devices must be off and put away.

9. Prizes

9.1. Prizes ceremony is mandatory to all winners and runner-up players, according to LVA organization.

9.2. Prizes will be vouchers with our partner Badmania and Yonex prizes.

9.3. The award, whatever it is, will be due to LVA in case of a player deliberately decides to report to the award ceremony.

10. Tournament venue

10.1. Every person coming at the tournament venue must respect the venue regulations or any health protocol which be communicated in the tournament notifications. The venue owner and LVA decline any responsibility in case of loss, theft, accident or incident.

10.2. Every player shall be accompanied by an accompanying adult present at the venue.

10.3. Any consumption shall be made to areas set aside for this purpose. No consumption is allowed in the venue, in stands, except a bottle of water.

10.4. All stands and all areas at the venue must be left by players and accompanying persons in the same condition of cleanliness and hygiene as they were at their arrival.

10.5. The Field of Play is reachable only to players called to play, to coaches & educators, to the volunteers and to the Technical Officials. The access to the Field of Play shall respect access maps (prohibited passage above advertising boards). Indoor shoes, clean and non-marking, are required on the Field of Play.

10.6. The use of any electronic device on the coaching chairs is not allowed, whatever the moment of the match. Coaching can be done only from coaching chairs, and according French GCR applicable during the tournament.

10.7. The use of a camera necessary for taking filmed images is subject to the Referee approval and instructions. Every photographer shall be authorized by the Referee and shall wear a chasuble provided for this purpose.

10.8. All players, accompanying persons, coaches and educators and Technical Officials allow LVA to use their pictured and/or filmed image for all club communication activities. If not, the person may send an email to to withdraw this authorization of image right.

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